Karate and its attitude to life


Arkadiusz Marzec, Elena Karpuszenko

Jan Dlugosz Academy in Czestochowa, Poland

Karate is not only a martial art but, first and foremost, a life philosophy. Therefore, this study attempts to look closer at the problem of practising martial arts from the socio-pedagogical standpoint. The focus of the study was on the attitude of karate practitioners to life, their life aspirations, sense of responsibility, their attitude to the problem of ?to be or to have? and the role of practising karate in feeling satisfaction from life. The examinations were carried out in Braslaw, Belarus among over 60 people who are actively involved in karate. Adoption of the socio-pedagogical standpoint allowed for evaluation of the role and importance of martial arts in living a satisfactory life, particularly in difficult socio-economic conditions present today in Belarus. Being involved in sports, especially martial arts, helps develop personality and outlook on life of a person, substantially affects perception of the reality and is useful in development of self-discipline and responsibility for what we do. Therefore, martial arts might offer a powerful tool to support education of young people and prevent social maladjustment and demoralization of the youth.
Keywords: karate ? life ? threats to family functions ? unemployment social opinions ? young people

Published online: 17 September 2015
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Contributor: Arkadiusz Marzec conceived the study design. Arkadiusz Marzec, Elena Karpuszenko collected the data. Arkadiusz Marzec, Elena Karpuszenko analysed the data. Arkadiusz Marzec, Elena Karpuszenko prepared the manuscript. Arkadiusz Marzec secured the funding.
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Corresponding author: Arkadiusz Marzec, Institute of Physical Education, Tourism and Physioterapy, Jan Długosz University of Częstochowa, Armii Krajowej 13/15; 42-200 Częstochowa, Poland; e-mail: a.marzec[at]ajd.czest.pl
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