Long way to the Czestochowa Declarations 2015: HMA against MMA

Roman Maciej Kalina1,2 Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński2,3

1 Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Department of Combat Sports, Poland
2 Archives of Budo, Warsaw, Poland
3 4 MEDICINE REK LLP, Warsaw, Poland

Arch Budo Conf Proc 2015; 1: 1-11
Article type: Review article

The main questions raised in our paper regarding the following issue which is very embarrassing for global society: why there are so many people who tolerate numerous pathologies related to people fighting, including to neo-gladiators? why neo-gladiators? fights are considered equivalent with sport by media, in particular electronic ones, even though they clearly contradict the idea of ?sport?? which side does the spectators of neo-gladiators? fights identify themselves with ? a winner or defeated, or does it even matter as bloody show is the most important thing?

The aim of this review paper (partially falling into the category of research highlights) does not include full answers for the questions raised. On the contrary. We discuss a few premises, assumptions and hypothesis as well as several open questions. We believe that the issue is so important that, on one hand, it should be called into question in a broad perspective by scholars and various social entities and on the other hand it requires the necessary intensification of research and implementation into educational practice.

This brief overview of the papers published in the last 10 years mainly in Archives of Budo, the only one in the global space science, which is dedicated to the science of martial arts, highlight health and utilitarian potential of martial arts, combat sports and arts of self-defence. Thus, it is justified to conclude that this is a sufficient reason to spread Czestochowa Declaration ?HMA against MMA? of 2015.

Key words: agonology ? arts of self-defence ? combat sports ? homo agonisticus ? neo-gladiators ? science of martial arts
Published online: 17 September 2015
Copyright: ? 2015 the Authors. Published by Archives of Budo
Contributors: Roman Maciej Kalina, Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński conceived the study design. Roman Maciej Kalina, Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński collected the data. Roman Maciej Kalina analysed the data. Roman Maciej Kalina, Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński prepared the manuscript. Roman Maciej Kalina, Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński secured the funding.
Funding: Departmental sources
Conflict of interest: Authors have declared that no competing interest exists
Ethical approval: Not required
Provenance and peer review: Under responsibility of HMA Congress
Corresponding author: Roman Maciej Kalina, Department of Sport, Faculty of Physical Education, University of Physical Education and Sports, K. Gorskiego 1, 80-336 Gdansk, Poland; e-mail; e-mail: kom.kalina[at]op.pl
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